The South African Evangelistic Mission

Melvain and Lynette

Do you feel called into full-time ministry within the SAEM (South African Evangelistic Mission), but have no idea where to begin? Kingdom to Community Training (KtCT) is just right for you! The good news is that this is a tuition-free, one-year certificate course consisting of three 3-week sessions (9 weeks within a one-year period) facilitated by qualified instructors.

Our Goals:

  • Through mentorship from local Pastors and leaders, our students will become Godly, reliable, responsible, and caring leaders of integrity.
  • Our students will go on to enroll and successfully graduate from the 3-year CBI (Calvary Bible Institute) program, while they continue to grow their own congregation.
  • Our students will continue to mature and go on to plant additional new works in partnership with the SAEM regions.

Application Process:

  • Students must be personally known and recommended by SAEM Pastors, and those Pastors will become their mentors.
  • Students fill out an enrollment form and participate in a meeting (via Zoom or face-to-face if possible) with the local Pastor and the KtCT Director and/or lecturers.
  • If accepted, the student will be invited to join the next cohort.

Cost and Funding:

  • During the year of training, approved students will receive mentorship and a monthly stipend from their SAEM Mentor-Pastors to help with living and ministry costs.
  • Funds will only begin to be released upon the start of the program and will cease when the student completes the program or is dismissed/leaves the cohort.
  • This stipend is dependent upon the student completing their work under the guidance of their mentor.
  • Students are permitted to work outside their training, if doing so does not distract from their studies or their pastoral obligations.

Focus of Courses:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Leadership
  • Personal Spiritual growth
  • Community Outreach


Listed below are the links to the KtCT Application for Admission, Pastoral Recommendation Form, and Student Handbook. These forms should be mailed or emailed directly to the SAEM office address listed below.

Application for Admission              Pastoral Recommendation Form              Student Handbook


Attention: KtCT Registrar

12 Bedale Rd

Malvern, KZN, 4093  or Email:

We look forward to having you join us on this glorious journey, as we continue to reach the lost for Jesus.

Melvain and Lynette Donyes