The South African Evangelistic Mission

David and Donna Haag (SAEM founding Bishops)



A BACKWARD LOOK AT THE PAST:  The only reason to look back to the past is to see how God brought the SAEM victoriously through many trials and tests. But I will only take us back to a year ago….to 2021… when the Heavenly Father chose in His divine wisdom to take Pastor Tyrone Paul to be at rest in the presence of Jesus. God had used Pastor Tyrone to accomplish an amazing ministry as Moderator….and of all the trials of the past, the promotion of Pastor Tyrone from earth to glory was one of the most serious trials of the SAEM. But what God had birthed more than 60 years ago, through the labors of the Haags ….He was not about to remove…..and He enabled the SAEM to continue to be an effective ministry in His kingdom. For my wife and I, it was a somewhat sad time when we were unable to return to South Africa….just one more time,,,, to at least say ‘goodbye’ to our beloved spiritual children.


SEEING THE PRESENT:  Faithful partners have stepped up in support of the SAEM with prayer, words of encouragement, and with finances; some have been partners for more than 50 years.

The continued and faithful anointed ministry of SAEM pastors and councils has helped to bring the SAEM to where it is today. Once again, we thank the Heavenly Father for watching over the SAEM and the Pastors and Regional churches throughout South Africa.

The following programs are going forward to help raise up the next generation to take the SAEM into the future.

  1. Calvary Bible Institute (CBI).
  2. The ‘Emerging Leaders’ program.
  3. The ‘Kingdom To Community Training’ program (KTCT).

God has raised up our daughter Lynette and son-in-law Pastor Melvain with a tremendous burden to assist SAEM in any possible way….especially to assist with the aforementioned programs.


LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE:  Only our Heavenly Father knows the future of the SAEM. We are promised that “He which hath begun a good work in you (SAEM) will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6). God will bring (SAEM) to successful completion what He has started.  We are thankful for the present SAEM leadership of Moderator, Deputy Moderator, and the National Executive Council whom God has raised up. We trust God to continue to give the SAEM anointed leaders. Concerning the future of Mom and myself….we are praying for God….in His will and purpose….to perhaps allow us one final visit to say ‘farewell’ to our children in South Africa.
With all our hearts we urge the SAEM family…and all our spiritual children….to keep on, keeping on.

The way the world is looking, Jesus is coming soon. May we all stay in love with Jesus…..May we all live to please Jesus… that we will soon hear Him say “WELL DONE FAITHFUL SERVANT’.

Dad and Mom Haag